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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


hanks to Lorraine for the invite. I am looking forward to taking part and hoping people will enjoy my book.

The book can be viewed at the following link


HOW did I end up here? I often ask myself.

Sometimes with tears in my eyes, because there have been some very hard times, but most of the time in utter amazement at my good fortune.

I have been here now for six years. I drive the same roads every day. See the same views but they still take my breath away. The sun rising over the mountains in the morning displays a different picture to the one in the evening as the sun sets. With every season change a new scene emerges, I try to capture these images on camera but justice is never done. I am still in awe of the place. Holidays are always disappointing because to me this place where I live is the only place I will ever want to be.

I was never the kind of girl who would be happy with a Dyson and a conservatory. In fact I have never understood the British obsession with constructing an oversized plastic porch on the side of a house. People actually borrow money, get into debt to have these ugly things attached to their homes. Then for reasons unknown they feel obliged to fill the thing with grotty cane furniture, which is neither comfortable to sit on nor attractive to look at. So what’s that all about? In the summer too hot to sit in, and in the winter too cold, so it becomes somewhere to dry your washing and kill your plants. But so many people are content with this kind of existence - maybe its me that’s strange?

My craving was something completely different, I always wanted a challenge, some sort of project to work on. For me the three r’s were reclaim, restore and renovate. As an 18 year old girl, a derelict house was at the top of my wish list. My family and friends thought this was something I would grow out of, but 20 years on apparently not!

And now I have my derelict house, in the middle of a field, on an Italian mountainside and I don’t ever want to live anywhere but here. I am home!

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