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Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Duchess of Tooting (working Title)

The Duchess of Tooting (working title) By Evie Hopkins.....

Inspired by the Monday night holiday programme, Rellie decides on a career as a European Tour Guide.
As a testament to her commitment she buys a copy of Paris Vogue, Spanish Hola, and a packet of travel sickness pills....After all, how hard can this be.? Her aim is to become one of the most revered Guides on the circuit......And she would be, if only the wine in France wasn’t so delicious and the glasses enormous.
A lengthy courtship of nine hours results in a passionate best- sex- ever- affair with her driver. Rob is handsome, generous, loving, sexy, has a big ding-a-ling and puts the bin out, the epitome of male perfection.
Rellie's journey takes her from the heights of passion and happiness to the depths of despair and back. Join her!

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