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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


This book is in an easy to read style that will also appeal to those who are not the usual readers of this genre, but who have an open mind. It is an instructional book aimed at improving the standards of mediumship and healing in order that practices used today by some who are unscrupulous may be recognised and stopped. It will help all people awaken their psychic ability if they so choose but more importantly will show that not all people can be mediums.

It is different to many books sold throughout the world today on this subject, because the words come direct from those in the world of spirit. It is they who teach you and not me.

This is a book which, although ostensibly written by me was inspired by those of the world of spirit and is written in their words. This may seem very strange to you and I have to admit that I find it pretty hard to accept myself. All I can tell you is that it answers many questions I have about this subject and does not appear to be biased any one way or another.
Respect is shown towards all belief systems and faiths of our world and even unbelief’s. The only bias shown is towards those who wish to do these works for the benefit of themselves only or have closed minds to the ways or beliefs of other individuals.

It is not an in depth study, it is a book that hopes to guide you on the path you may have realised might be for you. It will also show whom these ways are not for. Those of you who go for readings will be helped to see who may or may not be genuine mediums in order that you get a satisfactory reading. Spiritual gifts of the supernatural or paranormal type are not all given to everyone although many say they are. This book helps to show the truth of that statement in the eyes of the spirit world. That does not mean there are not other ways you can help in this work because there are.

I hope that those of you who read this book do so with an open and trusting mind and that you find answers to many questions you might have. It by no means covers everything, but it is a start to help guide you on the way. Maybe another book will follow – who knows. I only know I was inspired to sit and type what was given to me and that when I tried to do it at any other time no words would come. You will find that the style of writing suddenly changes from me writing to those who have taken me over which will account for the change from first to third person.

To see the first chapter of this book go to my blog - MEDIUM


  1. Love your books, as you know! All power to your pen, and your new blog, Lorraine!

  2. It's wonderful to awaken and receive a brand new title for a new book. There's a freedom and joy in what you're doing with the help of spirit.

    Effortlessness is very 21st Century and suits you well. I believe it is just the tip of the iceberg in the new possibilities ahead.

    I just know I'm glad you're here and I'm glad you're writing!

    Happy Earth Day.


  3. May the best publisher come your way Lorraine.
    All the best