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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Here's what website will look like

This is what website will look like as you can see it is in process of being set up

The headings all have yet to be changed
Where it says top rated galleries - Starred Authors and the five for that month will be named and then we click on their name to enter their page.
Main menu will have headings for

Gallery - which will be where our other 16 authors are then
Anecdotes - where you can all tell little stories sad, funny, embarrassing- whatever - about your publishing/writing experiences
Tips/guidance - this can be from us, agents, publishers whoever
Book reviews Reviews on five starred authors' books
General information

This may change slightly, but this is the idea at present.

Anyway, just wanted you all to know what it'll look like and where you'll all be living for a while soon!
Hope you like the look of it.
Oh, those photo's will change, they are temporary.
Lorraine xx


  1. Thanks for the info.Lorraine. I'm off now to take a look. M xx

  2. I love it, Lorraine. Fantastic job! :)