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Friday, 23 April 2010

In the arms of nightmares by Robert Dean

I've spent that last three years pretty much killing myself to finish this book and make it everything I could. Check out my blog for details on the story. I can't post all of the gore and sickness directly here. But, I'll leave you with this:


In the Arms of nightmares is the story of Arthur Reilly, a World War II Vet and current All-star chef. While trapped in the jungles of the Philippines, Arthur’s dreams begin to swirl into horrid nightmares, unlocking something very dark internally. When he joined the war, it was for America, mom and dad, apple pie. When he left the jungle, he was a broken down killer.
While trying to rebuild his life after the white flag had been waived by Germany, Arthur takes up residence in Paris, where he learns to cook. While the dreams had stopped for a while, nothing peaceful is forever. Dante and Milton’s visions of Hell bleed through into his reality as day to day life is an act of atonement for the darker side of the religious coin.

From London, to the Parisian catacombs, the bodies begin to pile. All while Arthur flashes a smile that creates the perfect veil to operate in the world of the living. Back in America Arthur is the head chef of Garrison’s the premier restaurant in his city. Even though people flock to taste his food, Arthur’s disdain for humans is ever present. Music is his salvation. Jazz keeps him alive. Bebop, in his mind is the sound of murder while Swing is salvation. Louie Armstrong is the voice of God while Miles Davis, the devil.
As the line between sanity fades into a deeper grey, Arthur loses touch with everything and leaves his perfect life of hidden bodies and large paychecks. Driving off in his Buick while his house burns to the ground behind him, Arthur sets off into the distance searching for the House of God and all of the terrible bumps in the road that are sure to follow on his journey.

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