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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

NEW WEBSITE - AuthorsOnShow.Com

Today I have paid for a domain and am setting up a website-I hope! It will be to showcase work of selected people who will be given their own pages. It means I will have to do all the posting and work, but will transfer things from here gradually in order to keep things running smoothly. Well that's the idea at least. Haven't a clue what I'm doing, but determined to give it a go.

The new site will have a donate button. Those who wish a permanent spot on the website will be asked to donate towards the annual costings. All others who are there to be showcased can have a period of time free of charge and if they want longer can also give a donation. I am having to set these charges as I am paying for it out of my own pocket. It will be minimum amounts and I shall talk of that when things are set up.

Having does this gives us much more freedom and I hope will give us a worldwide audience as it has now. Any ideas anyone has for the site, please let me know. I am determined this will become a site that all will enjoy coming to visit no matter what connection they have to the literary world. I'll let you know how I progress. As you will have seen from above, the new name is AuthorsOnShow. Sadly the other names had already been taken on dot. com. Hope you like and approve of the new name. Let me know what you think about it all.



  1. So excited about this...keep us updated on how it works out!

  2. Great idea. I think you should keep it small and select. Maybe, (as you were the one to set it up) you should select the authors/manuscripts that you feel should be promoted on the site.

    Trust me - if it gets big, it will be unmanageable and will be abused by some.

    I know you need to cover costs, but I'd urge you to aim for quality, not quantity. That way, it will win a constructive reputation, even if it takes time.

    (By the way, I'm learning my around this blog stuff. I'm not proficient yet, but I am trying!)