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Monday, 26 April 2010

Waiting and hoping...

I just started sending out queries for my latest book, Taking Out the Trailer Trash. I've send out seven or eight so far. I've gotten a couple rejections. I got one that said that he would look at it again if I worked on the punctuation. I have worked on the punctuation, I've done all that I can short of hiring a professional editor and that just ain't gonna happen. I mean I would love to, but the funds are just not there for that!
Then a few days ago an email from the assistant of an agent. She said he would like to see the whole manuscript!! WOW. I was ecstatic...for a minute. In the long run, I know this doesn't mean a whole lot. He could read it and hate it or just not be excited enough about it to want to represent it. But until he says no, I can hope that he'll say YES. That's really what this whole query process seems to be about, hoping that somebody will like the book and want to work with you to get it published.
This is my fourth book, so I'm not new to the process. I feel like an old-hand at it at this point. I have gotten every form rejection letter out there. While I appreciate that agents try to make their rejections a little bit personal, really I would rather they just said no. Just the one word would be enough because really that's what all the nice words mean. No, we don't want your book.
So I'll keep you posted on this--I don't know how long it will take. I have to remind myself that to the agent in New York, my manuscript is just one of many that he is considering. I just wish that he knew that to me, it is so very important. It is the possibility of achieving a dream that I've had for well over half of my life. The dream of being a published author.


  1. Thanks for that. It's always good to hear what it is like from an author's viewpoint. I don't think anyone understand what this waiting game is like. It takes and age doesn't it? Good luck and we'll all be keeping our fingers crossed for you. x