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Saturday, 24 April 2010


The new blog is going better than I dared hope so far. Had a couple of minor problems. We got blocked by Facebook as the content was deemed unsuitable for all ages. That made us realise we need to watch what we post from our books in future - something we hadn't thought about, but hey, what good advertising was that? The second problem was finding there is already a name on Twitter of Authorswrite, so I had to change the name of our group. I hope that is all the teething problems over now.

We have a great mix of authors on here and hope to add to that just a little more. We don't want too many and I think those on standby will probably be the last ones we accept to join us. We will probably end up numbering a maximum of fifteen authors. Enough to keep the site updated and varied without any of us having too much work to do. This means we will have more time to devote to our writing, which is what we're all about.

An idea for later, would be to have a guest spot by invitation. Each author acting as an administrator could invite a fellow author to have a guest spot on here as a one off to help promote themselves and their book/s. We could do all manner of things like that. In fact, it need not be another author, it could be an agent, a reader or someone else of their own choice who will generate reader interest.

I am hoping we can change the blog into a full blown website, which will generate far more readers and we will be able to do so much more than we can now. I want this site to grow and become well know throughout the world. I always think big and try to achieve what I set out to do. With such excellent authors, such as we have on here, I can't see that being a problem. We just need to make sure ALL of us advertise the site whenever and wherever possible. Keep the posts short sweet and interesting. Anything from our books to go on the 'Our books' page and not the home page.

I already have a lady who has offered to set a website up for us. I met her last night on Twitter and she has already started a Twitter account in our name for future plugging. I am still trying to get agents and publishers to take part on the page put aside especially for them so if any of you have contacts then please try and get them to take part. I am hoping to have a book reviewer on here at some time soon also. Fingers crossed on that one. She can highlight a book every now and then and do a mini review.

There is much we can do and I aim to try and manage it all. With your help and ideas we will make it happen. Thank you to all you wonderful people contributing to this site. How can it fail with such talent and pleasant personalities on here? Let's all raise a glass to ourselves and the success of WriteAuthors,

Lorraine xx

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