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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I have never done this blogging thing before but I think this website will be useful and would like to contribute.

I have always been a writer - meaning that I write constantly. I didn’t realise I was doing it, or maybe I just thought everyone did it. I can’t help myself I just write about everything and anything. When I left my first husband I wrote about my feelings. When I had my first baby I passed him to the midwife and said “Hold that a minute” so that I could get a pen and paper and write about the experience while it was still fresh. When I am angry with someone I don’t start a row, I write them a letter-( this I find works well as they get the chance to re-read it and know exactly how you feel without the conflict of an argument) I wrote to my ex-husband on many occasions even though we lived in the same house and I even wrote to my best friend once when I was angry with her. (we are still friends)

We often hear of the problem “writer block” but how many people are like me and see the other side of it – when you can’t stop. When it becomes a need and not a desire. It’s like when you wake in the night desperate to pee, I wake in the night desperate to write. (Night time is the write time) When I am in bed and all the days thoughts have gone, that’s when it comes. I cannot sleep. I get up and a sleepy man says “Where are you going?” I reply “I have to write” (he thinks I am mad but has got used to it) I have to give in to it, it’s got to come out and it needs to be saved or it will be lost.

I don’t care about punctuation, editing or spelling if it’s flowing then I capture it - and review it later.
I imagine most people who write are passionate about it and enjoy it but it can consume you. I set off for work thinking I will spend three maybe fours hours at work ( I work for myself, enjoy what I do, and I get paid for it) but after two hours I find myself in my car heading back home because I am missing my laptop!

So am I mad or do you all feel like this?


  1. Hi Jill,
    I smiled when I read your post. No, you are not mad or if you are there's a lot of us about!
    Middle of the ironing, I must go and write something down. Sitting in the car, out comes the notebook. Get into bed, the word or phrase I've been searching for all day is there just after I've turned the light out!
    Perhaps there is a physical reason. Trying too hard at the computer and then freeing your mind doing something quite different. Who knows, but you are not alone. Margaret x

  2. Not at all--in fact, I was starting to think I was the only one with this issue! I don't forgo punctuation/spelling, but I do forgo actual quality....

  3. With modern word processors you can get the bare bones down and then tidy up again and again.

  4. Delighted to see you on here and having sat at my laptop for 16 hours yesterday - again - yes, I understand EXACTLY what you're saying.