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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Can YOU Help?

This evening we heard that a fellow author's house caught fire. Luckily she and her family are fine and after a hospital check up have been given the all clear. The same cannot be said for their house though. They have been placed in emergency accommodation. One person asked if they were insured. As we all know, insurance companies take forever and it is NOW that help is needed to survive.

It was suggested we start an emergency fund for them, but another person suggested we all buy her poetry book, which is only £2.50. That way, they get all the money and no bank accounts or anything needs to be set up. It is a very sensible suggestion. At that price though, it will need thousands of copies to sell in order to help them. Will you please buy a copy and ask people you know to do the same. Thank you so much. We are very grateful. Thank you for helping us to assist them in their time of need.
I've added this to my personal blog, can you do the same please? Thank you x

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  1. I've added this to the Book Shelf blog as well =)