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Monday, 17 May 2010

Coming Soon

There may well be a new development on the blog very soon so keep your eyes peeled. I am working on it at present and as soon as I have done what needs to be done, I shall let you all know what it is.

The new idea will generate more reader interest and also more author interest. My aim is to keep things as interesting as possible for those visiting the sites so they will want to come back and see us again. The more varied and moving we can make it, the more they'll want to come back. Having gained visitors and followers, we don't want to lose them so I shall be thinking up ideas from time to time that will make it interesting and ever changing.

I think you will all like the latest idea and am quite excited about it. If any of you reading this would like to see anything covered on either site that we aren't doing now please let one of us know. There are various ways you can do this and they are: through our forum, the comment board on the website, e-mails to Steve or me at the addresses given on here, or to our website e-mail addresses which can be found on the website under- contact us.

From time to time on the website, we will inform you of new updates to that site and the latest viewing statistics. That way, you can see if we are growing and how well you are all managing to advertise us. Keep up the good work and I'll let you know about the new feature on the blog very soon I hope.
Keep watching,
Lorraine xx

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