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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Comment Moderation

This morning I awoke to find rather nasty comments aimed at one of our authors. As with most people of this kind, they were not brave enough to put their name to it, but had to hide behind a shield. I don't tolerate bullies or nastiness. Don't bother trying the forum either as anyone trying it will be blocked from any further comments on there too. We have ways of blocking you totally and will make sure that is done the second you step on there.

As soon as they realised I had deleted their comments another was left. We don't leave things like this on our pages and make sure steps are taken immediately to prevent this behaviour. I have now activated the moderation button and all comments will be checked before they are shown. Unlike another site, we don't leave things until they get out of hand. We did warn you.

The funny thing is, what no one realises, but they will now, is I can tell EXACTLY who you are. My stat counter tells me which computer and location every visitor comes from. You may think you're anonymous but you aren't. I can tell by the time the comments were posted and just look to see which computer and location it came from at that time.

May I thank those who are currently advertising our sites and have put links to us on their blogs and websites. We will be happy to do the same for you, but can only do it for those who advertise us in the same way due to space restrictions.
Thanks. x

(Originally posted by Lorraine)


  1. I didn't see those. If you're going to openly hate on someone, at least have the snuff to back it up and voice your opinion. Hiding behind the keyboard does nothing but make you look sad.

  2. I didn't see the comments either, but it is just awful (and sad) that there are those who feel so inadquate in themselves that they have to try to infiltrate a site like this, one dedicated to encouraging creativity, friendship and mutuality and try to corrupt it. Shame.

  3. I didn't see the comments, but I have an idea who is doing it. It's a shame some people have to be so classless and immature. If they don't like someone, stay away from them. I would also advise moderating the official site comment board as well. Sorry you all had to go through something so appalling. This is why my own blogs are moderated - that and preventing spam.

  4. I didn't see the comments either and hope the intended author didn't. The lengths that some people will go to to discredit others.