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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Copyright Warning

This evening I received an e-mail asking me to remove an article posted by one of our authors. It had been taken from a newspaper article and although it had the name of the paper and the reporter it was still deemed unacceptable.

It was posted in all good faith, but what we should have done is use the headline and the byline and use only the first two paragraphs of the body copy (article - sorry, newspaper jargon there) and added a link to the paper itself for the rest. We apologise to the Toronto Star and thank them for their kind warning and understanding.

I ask please that all of you, myself included, are extra careful about this or it could get me in huge trouble. We MUST stick to these guidelines. If any person ignores this warning, they will be held solely responsible for any ensuing problems it may cause. Please be very careful or we will have to stop you making your own posts and we will have to check everything. The best thing is if ALL of you only ever post your own work on the site.

Thank you,
Lorraine x


  1. I wasn't aware that we could post things. Did I miss something? :)

  2. If I have a character in my book reading a newspaper and relaying some of the things in the newspaper is this copywrite?