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Sunday, 16 May 2010

How Many More Are seeing You and Your Work?

For those of you displaying your work on the blog and the website, I thought you would like to see how many more people are now seeing your name and your work.

Here are yesterday's statistics for the full day on Authors On Show. It makes for quite good reading considering it is new.

Total page views: 444
Total visitors: 143
First time visitors: 58
Page views per visit: 3.1
New visitors ratio: 40.55 %

In 40 countries worldwide people in over 400 cities have visited the site and seen YOUR work. All of those extra people have now seen your name and your book. Keep spreading the word. It is you helping advertise us that is making that possible.

The geographic stats. are based on the days we have been building-not just yesterday. There has been more than one person viewing in each city, so the individual people who have seen your work is far greater again. In one city alone, there were over 70 visitors to the site. The minimum in any city was 2 and that was a city one would least expect anyway. So we are reaching far and wide.

It is all of you helping to advertise us that is making this such a success. Well done and let's hope this is just the start. Good luck everyone. xx

1 comment:

  1. Wow, excellent stats! This is only the first day. I can only imagine how well things will go from here. Good going!