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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Love that Genre

Do other writers sit around and think about the same sorts of stuff like I do? Like, why do I write about topic X when I could be writing a YA novel about a witch and her neighbors the Dragon Family? I really wonder why I can't write about stuff that isn't black in theme. If it's happy or hopeful, I don't even know where to start. Where do you begin? If someone asks me to write a story about a cat, it would be the "adventures" of the cat hunting and killing mice in the alley as a sort of game while needing to eat. Sandpapery cat tongues licking soiled booze out of bottles for fluids.

Weird, I know, right?

Anyhow, I've come to realize this, I think is how most authors are, we're creatures of odd habit, we know one thing and if we try to whore out, it's fake. I mean, I can tell a story written by someone looking for a paycheck in an instant.
The passion about what you're creating matters. If you pound out a page and you sit back and feel like you do post sex, you're doing something right. That's the best feeling a writer can feel next to seeing their work on the bestseller list.

Writing can TOTALLY suck though.

The craft of it isn't so bad, but if you don't love it, it'll show.
You're not going to have a career in it.
Even loving the thing to Myra ( Tiny Toons reference! Early 90's cartoons WHAT!?) levels, that doesn't mean you're equipped to play the game on the right level.

Agents, like houses have quotas of what they need to sell. We all fall in the cracks apparently, cause everyone is always looking for something your not writing or don't do.

The process of querying just SUCKS.

Really, you can google and twitter or send out smoke signals for guidance and you'll get the same answer every single time: Everyone is different. We all get the same bullet points of do research on the agent or word it so the person is hooked in. Truth be told, there is no magic formula cause if there was, the weirdo sitting next to you in Denny's with the beard and smelly jacket would be a household name by how many times he's been rejected even though his work is excellent.

(Ps. that dude never stops scribbling in his journal and can really freak girls out. And really how many cups of coffee can one guy drink at 4 am? Most of us have been out drinking all night and this dude got into his booth at like 7pm and he never goes pee either!
Stay away from him unless your good at sly, underhanded social commentary...
But then again, he is super weird and could hear you, either way, it's best to steer clear of this gentleman, he could kill you on the way out and where you your writing career be then? He'll be famous for slaughter outside of a pancake house and you'll be dead. Poetic Justice, maybe?)

Anyhow, writing stuff that sells is lot of luck and timing. But, giving up is not an option, you keep writing, you keep practicing, you keep creating. If you stop, then the art dies and this goes back to that thing about loving what you do, you need it to wake up in the morning. For every silly little story I may write about a sadistic clown, it's one thing that makes me feel human in a world that can take that feeling away very easily.

If you make it to the big show, you're a badass and when you do find the secret code that rest of us are looking for, pass it along.
Cause life is like Contra ( yes, I made another early 90's ref. Man, I am nostalgic today) the code is how you actually beat the damn game.

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  1. Other writers most certainly do think those things (or approximations thereof) - I do, anyway, in a slightly opposing fashion. Can't seem to write anything 'dark' at all. I'm giving it a shot, but still feel like I'm wearing someone else's clothes, and they don't quite fit. Nice blog. Like the 90s references, oh yes. :D

  2. Have you been climbing in my head again?! On a serious note, excellent blog entry! Keep them coming.

  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    Someone's gotta be the be the voice of idiotic rambling around here.

  4. Funny - all I seem to write is dark, and you'd never think it if you knew me. Like Little Bo Peep writing erotica. hmmmm I should suggest that to someone I know ...

    Somehow, when people read my violent chapters and stare at me as if I'm an alien inside someone else's body, I feel great. If I'd written what they'd expected, I doubt it would feel so good. And then, like you said, I can lie back and say "Ahhhhhhh".

    My best writing comes from somewhere so deep I'm not sure where to look for it. Come to think of it, when I try to find it, I usually end up getting desperately lost.