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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Please Vote For US

Today I entered our blog on Blogger Choice Awards. I am hoping it will encourage more viewers and that you will all go and vote for us. I have enclosed the link. It may confuse you at the start as it is under Lorraine-AuthorsWrite. The reason for this is that's what we were called at the beginning. We had to change the name but this blog is still registered under the old name. Sorry for any confusion.

Please go and vote for us and make us the most popular blog. It is entered under four categories. Best Blog of All Time, Best Marketing Blog, Best Entertainment Blog and Best Blog about Stuff. Some strange choices but best of what was available. PLEASE vote for us.

If any of you know of any more we can enter, or any other ways to have ourselves seen, please let us know or nominate us.

Many thanks,
AOS Team

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