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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Publishing Industry News--Tidbits

Writing News--Still plenty of book manuscripts being sold. Trend is more non-fiction than fiction, but plenty of fiction too. One reason for more non-fiction sales is wide range of books included in that category: memoir, narrative non-fiction, health, self help, history, biography, travel, food, politics (many of the political books are mega-sellers), education, investment, financial, humor, inspirational,and more.

I've been looking at recent fiction sales and have been surprised to see so many pop culture books sold, including romance (lots of romance of all varieties), chic lit, susense, thriller, mystery, sci-fi, and various forms of women's lit. Literary seems a little slow. Most of the deals are in the smaller advance category--under $50,000 range.

Lots of sales in the children's and young adult line too! If you're writing a children's or YA book--go for it!

Linda Busby Parker

More here (courtesy Linda's Blog - The Writing Life)

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