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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Website Update

Things have changed. We now have a new template and a new partner onboard. I was struggling so badly, but now there is a lovely girl called Melanie, who used to build websites. She will now handle that side of things and update each month, I will handle all the rest. We are planning to launch the site no later than Monday May 16th, but it could be earlier if we get it all ready in time. The colours are being changed to match more with this site. For a preview of what's to come, go to:

The format has also changed due to the new template. We will now have no starred authors this month. Instead - wait for it - we shall have 10-12 authors monthly (figure yet to be decided) who will have a photo. of themselves and their book cover, a short bio. and synopsis of their book. Based on just this, the readers and visitors to the site will vote on who they would like to see as the top THREE authors for the following month. There will also be one guest author each month.

Those three, will have their own page to show their work and will each receive a review from our book reviewer who is from a large, well known publishing house, (soon to have two of those) on the first three chapters. The other authors will stay on site for a period of no less than three months in order to give them a chance and they will be joined with three new authors and voting will start all over again.

We are to have anecdotes from writers who are not just those featured. We want all of you reading this to send SHORT stories about anything to do with writing you may have to tell that is of reader interest. It could be an embarrassing story, shocking, funny, whatever. I'm looking for the sort of thing that makes people cringe for you. Your first query letter. A rejection that is quite dreadful. A wonderful surprise of being made an offer. All manner of things as we want it varied please.

We are having a page for advice and tutorials. Charles Utley has kindly offered his tutorials and one will be featured each month. There will also be short videos from publishers, agents etc. about various aspects of the writing world. Any tips any of you can offer to others will also be considered for publishing e.g. read your work aloud when editing - that sort of thing and explain why.

As you have seen we shall be having two people to give book reviews, but one cannot join us until the end of July due to work pressures. There will be a page for the reviews and we may be able to offer a little more on that at a later stage. Keep your eyes on that one.

Another page will be a diary. All are offered to submit short pieces for this too. We shall need lots for updating each month. Mine is very brief as I will pinpoint dates from November till now and only mention about 4 dates which are pertinent. That is the sort of thing I'd like from you please. Again, any writers reading this, not just featured writers and a mixture will be required. Date first started book, first query, first rejection, first acceptance that sort of thing, but enough to make a follow through.

We shall also have our forum there and a general interest page talking of up coming competitions and things, so if any of you hear of anything please let us know. This page will also have tips from agents and publishers and any questions anyone has for them can be submitted on that page. We shall choose a selection for them to answer and that will be updated as often as their time allows but will definitely be monthly and maybe less.

I think that is it for now. I hope you like the sound of this and that ALL reading this, whether you would like to feature on our pages or not, will advertise us on your social networking sites. You have our name...

...and you now have a launch date to advertise. Don't forget, this is to showcase YOU and your work so helping to promote us will benefit you too. All of you reading this will have a chance to be featured at some stage and will want as many people worldwide to read about you and see your book, so it's down to all of you to help us with the advertising. May I thank those who are already doing this to great benefit.

Any authors interested in taking part, please e-mail me. We will be keeping this site going as well and may I now take this opportunity of thanking all of those who actively keep this site going.

Some of these authors will be moving onto our website in time and will be replaced with new ones to keep both sites fresh. Hope this is something that excites all of you as much as it does me. Good luck to us all with the launch.

There will be a donate button on the site as it is generating some costs.

It has been mentioned that I never said what style of work we will consider: any genre, written for any age group, and even poetry. All considered unless truly offensive, in bad taste or so badly written it would embarrass us all.



  1. I've already gotten the ball rolling on promoting the new site. So excited to see this happen!

  2. Lorraine, how heavily do you want us to promote AOS at Authonomy, specifically? I mean, do you actively want as many new members as possible (or not), dear?

  3. Who did that logo? I love it, that must surely be Melanie?

  4. Look at that wonderful Masthead. Steve Jensen you are a marvel. Thank you so much xxxxxxx
    This logo will now be on our new website too.

  5. This looks so impressive, gorgeous logo. 'Out of tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow.' comes to mind.
    Congrats, Lorraine. It's all coming together, you must be thrilled as I am for you.
    Margaret x

  6. Awesome. Sadly, I am broke, but I will still email you. (And I am linking to you now, though it won't mean much until I start getting more hits. :)