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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Grand Unveiling on Thursday

This coming Thursday we will be unveiling our new look official site. The blog will be remaining the same and we hope those who are allowed to post new articles will start to do so. Anyone else interested in posting articles on this blog, please let us know. All are welcome to do so, but you need to be registered first.

Voting on the official site closes on Wednesday evening at 6pm. All votes cast after that time won't be counted so please make sure you vote for your favourite books before then. It was initially advertised as midnight, but I realised I'd be asleep.

The name of the blog will soon be changing too. This is in order to save confusion. The official site will remain Authors On Show and the blog will soon be called AOS. This is to save confusion between the two sites when we refer to them at any time.

The new look site can be rated and reviewed by all of our visitors, so we hope you will give us your rating and add a review in order that we can see if we are offering what you all want to see.
There are also follow buttons and we hope these will also be used. Please advertise us on all the sites you belong to and help us to grow in order that we can showcase you to your fullest potential.

Hope to see you there on Thursday.

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