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Thursday, 3 June 2010

New Look official site coming soon

Authors On Show has become quite successful over the few weeks it has been going, but it has thrown up the usual teething problems most new ventures have at the start. Due to this, I shall be making some small changes. Nothing major, but smoothing out little problems we have discovered along the way. No doubt there will be more to follow at first, but these too will be handled if and when they happen.

For now though the important thing is for me to be able to update and change things on the website and I can't. I hold my hands up and say quite honestly, HTML is a nightmare I can do without. I don't like having to keep asking people to do things and poor Steve is busy enough looking after the blog without the website too these days. To that end, I have made a decision.

I shall be changing the website for WordPress instead. That way, I've been told I'll be able to do it myself as I used to with this blog. In order to change it over, it means the pages will look a little different. I have been onto my host and can keep the domain name of Authors On Show dot com that I paid for thank goodness. I am trying to keep the colours as similar as I can to here, but it will have to look slightly different I'm afraid.

Good old Melanie rides to the rescue again. She is going to do the changeover for me and then the old site will be deleted and the new one started. This changeover will happen without any break in voting or site loss. It'll just suddenly look different when you visit one day. We are hoping to get this done (if time allows with other commitments) before the authors change on 16th June. That way, I have a little time to practice beforehand. I hope you'll be patient with me while I'm at that practice stage. The good news too is, you'll also be able to leave comments about the books you see there now too.
Thank you, Lorraine

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