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Friday, 18 June 2010

Robert Dean

Robert, is also known as Bobby Hilliard. It isn't right to single out one author amongst all the ones we showcase, but in Robert's case I am going to. The reason for this is because, in my eyes, he epitomises all that a writer today should be.

Since starting Authors On Show the blog, we had over twenty people who expressed a desire to be able to post their own thoughts on here. They all asked to be given admin. rights and posting rights. Of these people, only a handful have bothered to do anything.

We have also now featured approximately 40 authors on both sites and again, only a small amount are bothering to help advertise us or themselves. It is very disappointing, but this is why I pick Robert out as an example of all an author should be today.

He has a very distinct style, is unique in his personality, which means he would stand out from the norm. He works tirelessly to promote not just himself and his work whenever and wherever possible, but also his peers and this site. He is by far the most hard working of all the authors we have showcased and who is not on the team.

We have had a couple of agents looking at the site and we hope to have far more as time goes on. I am bitterly disappointed that we have gone to the trouble of getting a Literary Agent and Publisher who are happy to answer any questions asked and yet most people act as though we don't have this facility.

We have a book reviewer who could tell you exactly what a publishing house book reviewer looks for when reading your book when the proposal comes in. Have you used any of this? No. I am starting to wonder if it is worth me working a full day, every day to promote the work of some of you when you cannot be bothered helping yourselves.

I hold Bobby (or Robert) up to you as a shining example of what an author should be behaving like today. If I were an agent or a publisher, I would snap him up straight away as he would earn every penny made for me and himself by working his socks off. It is not his way to just put his book on as many writing sites as possible and leave them to it. No, he works very hard indeed to promote and take part in the sites he belongs to as well. I thank him for all his hard work promoting Authors On Show and I wish him success and good luck as he totally deserves to find it.

I am not getting at all of our authors by any means, but there are a few who have not only disappointed us in their behaviour, but quite frankly shocked me by their lack of interest in their own work. Why should any of the rest of us be interested in it if they aren't themselves?

Robert, if an agent comes knocking at my door, I will have no hesitation is recommending you as an all round good bet - even though I have to edit an odd naughty word here and there.

POST SCRIPT - This is not me moaning about our site, it is me trying to point out to you what you should all be doing. Getting yourself seen. What is the point of putting your book somewhere if you don't tell people it is there for them to read it? Come on everyone, we want to see you succeed. That's why we're showcasing you.


  1. Thank you for such a kind reception toward my work ethic. It makes me feel good when I'm killing myself to get noticed or to at least get people to laugh at the whole insane process we're all involved to some degree.

    In all honesty, I drive myself crazy because I just want to make my parents proud. That harboring a weird kid for all those years was worth it. Every thing I do, is for them.

    I can't sleep unless I'm trying or doing so when people like Ms. Holloway and the lovely people @ AOS say something like this or the awesome email I recieved last night, I don't take those words lightly. I use them as fuel for the internal fire.

    Thank you.

  2. I would have to agree with everything said in this article. Bobby is a great writer, a wonderful promoter and a very deep thinker. It is hard to find writers today as uniquely devoted to literature today!

  3. Ah yes. What's the point of being featured if one isn't going to put a little of themselves into it? Besides, it's fun telling everyone about AOS and its great features, plus guys like Robert! =)

  4. I think Bobby already knows how much I admire his work, his attitude and his ethics and I would wholeheartedly second Lorraine's recommendation that he would be an agent's dream client. Keep at it, Bobby, but please, don't burn yourself out.