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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

AOS Followers Particularly Wanted

Oxford International Women's Festival ( is holding a poetry competition to go with the 2011 festival. It will be launched in September this year, and will culminate in a reading on November 11th. It would be super to have entries from your members at AOS, and I will send all details when I have them.

In addition to judging, I have been asked to arrange a reading night (on November 11th), and again, it would be super to have some of your members read their work. The material would need to be reasonably sympathetic to the overall goals of the festival. If I could know if anyone is interested by August 31st that would be super.

I have also been asked to submit a proposal for a monthly reading night by one of the leading galleries in Oxford. It will be a poetry/short story slam type event, and again I'd love to know if the members of Authors on Show would be interested in taking part.

Dan Holloway

Anyone interested can contact, Dan direct on:

See more about Dan here:

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