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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Author Milestones

Several authors reached recent milestones:

Melanie Ray received four out of five star review at the My Views book review blog for her book, In the Beginning.

Kate Rigby's novel, Break Point, won Best Book in the Misc. Sports book category at the 2010 Paparazzi Publishing Sports Theme Book Awards.

Genevieve Sawchyn's book, Under the Same Sky, is presently on desk of the Senior Editor of Berkley Publishing.

Twenty-six authors have been selected so far to have their works published by Night Publishing: Bob Ellal, Bruce Essar, Carolyn Allen, Catherine Chisnall, Charlotte Castle, Christine Hall Volkoff, Danny Birch, David Cooke, David Kupisiewicz, Diane Nelson, George Fripley, George Polley, Jillian Brookes-Ward, Joanne Ellis, John Booth, Kat Ward, KJ Rigby, Kathleen McKenna, LA Dale, Maria Kuroshschepova, Minnette Coleman, Paul Perry, Stacey Danson, Stephen Sangirardi, Teresa Geering and Tim Roux.

Sheena Ignatia's blog, Sheena Says, has a new location at this link. Summer Shorts is also available on Amazon Kindle

Jessica L. Degarmo's first novel, How to Meet a Guy at the Food Lion, has just been extended a publishing contract.

Authors on Show founder Lorraine Holloway White's A Guide's Guide to Mediumship and Healing is on its way to Hay House America. All of the AOS team wish her the best in her latest endeavor!


  1. Congratulations to all of these wonderful authors - good work ladies and gentlemen (not that I ever expected anything else). Special thanks for posting this - it's nice to see it all in one place, makes it all the more impressive ;)

  2. Blimey! That's a lot of good news.

    Thank you, Lori.