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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Changes Abound

We have a new look front page on the official site now, which will be updated regularly. We don't want to become like other sites who make promises that are never fulfilled and that has already happened. Our reviewer promises the reviews are coming, but we aren't holding our breath over it. We apologise profusely for this.

The agent and publisher were never really asked any questions by anyone except one or two, so that has now changed also. Instead, we shall be adding interviews and having competitions run by a new member to be announced shortly.

Instead of the way things were done, we shall now have a maximum of six authors at any given time and these will be changed at intermittent times in order to keep the site ever changing and of more interest.

There will be no more voting and reviews will not be guaranteed any more (for obvious reasons). Instead, we have reviewers coming on board who will offer reviews as and when they have time on books they select themselves. Even we won't know who these will be until the reviewer tells us.

Those featured will automatically be offered a free 500-word edit from Nicole, who is happy to offer the same service to anyone wanting advice. We will do our utmost to promote you and your blogs/websites or where your books can be bought (if appropriate) whilst you are featured on our sites.

The next batch of authors will be shown on the blog shortly in order for us to start changes on the official site. This is in order that changes can be implemented in as smooth a way as possible.

Once again, we apologise profusely to those we have let down over the reviews. It may still happen, but please don't be too expectant over this. We thank you for sticking with us through our early day problems and hope you are happy at how we have handled them.

We shall continue to promote, help and support as many authors as possible in order that they may achieve the success we all so desire.

Please remember, YOUR support and advertising of our sites is tantamount to your and our success.

If you have any questions or if there is any way at all we can be of help to you please ask. If we don't know what you ask, we shall do our best to find out the answers for you.

Thanks for your continued support,
The AOS Team

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