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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Chat Board and Advertising

Chat Board On the Way:

The Authors on Show team has decided to eliminate the forum. It's been great to see so many lovely people there, but never seem to connect at the same time. Instead, we've considered possibly having a chat board on the main site or the blog. Both are high-traffic areas, so the team thinks either idea should work well.

We hope you all come along to the chat board. At present, the best time to meet would be any evening after 7:00 PM UK time, since online activity is highest around then.

While the chat board won't be installed for awhile, AOS will keep our visitors and followers up to date on its progress, as well as the exact date the forum will come down.


Our fearless leader Lorraine is also considering advertising. This is because she and her band of minions work full time on this site (though it is a labor of love in the meantime), plus keeping up costs of running it aren't cheap.

Many author sites advertise for revenue through running ads, and we need some good ideas. AOS staff welcomes advice. Of course, if Amazon or Oprah want to chime in some ads, we won't turn them down, either.

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