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Thursday, 29 July 2010

e-Book Traps

Slow down for a minute. I know e-books are the next great thing in publishing. However, the market is growing fast, Amazon is hungry, literary agents are changing, and publishers are struggling. Author’s need to understand that there are e-book traps.

First, let’s start with those of you who have been published traditionally. In all standard publishing contracts, it states that the publisher has “electronic rights.” Does that mean the publisher has rights to your e-book? No. Google a recent court case: Random House vs Rosetta Books. “Electronic rights” are not “e-book rights.”

This is causing a major problem with publishers. Nora Roberts, Stephen King, and James Patterson have 100% rights to their e-books. The publisher has nothing. That means all the books that have been printed, can be published as an e-book, and all money goes to the author.

Ron Knight

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