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Saturday, 31 July 2010

I really should check my site inboxes more often

Between final edits on The Cruiserweight and the ongoing work as an Authors on Show team member and blogger, there are times I tend to neglect to check my inbox while scanning updates on social sites where I am a member, such as Night Reading. Really, I'm not ignoring anyone; I'm still working on mastering the issue of multitasking.

Today, I did open my Night Reading inbox to find a message from Tim Roux. It was dated July 27, but the message was a pleasant surprise: I was offered an opportunity to have a profile page on Night Publishing (Night Reading's sister site for those not familiar with either). To clarify, however (and I also made this known in my response when I accepted his gracious offer), The Cruiserweight is not officially published anywhere yet, though sample chapters are posted at a couple of free sites.

More details on the Night Publishing page to come in the future. Looks like this is the beginning of even bigger things.

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