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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Indie Authorship Becomes More Attractive

And so it begins. One of the arguments for indie music and film and against indie authorship is that very often big Hollywood studios and big record companies seem to like to cheat artists out of money. It’s like a fun hobby. Most people are fairly aware by now of how abusive many record companies are to their artists, often getting them into contracts that are so unattractive one wonders how an agent or lawyer could ever in good conscience allow them to sign.

But this hasn’t been that true for publishing. In publishing there are the “good publishers and agents” and the “bad publishers and agents”. The bad ones are scam artists and acting outside of the accepted way of things. They may be agents who try to charge “reading fees” and then send authors to “editors” to help clean up their work for additional money.

Zoe Winters

More here (courtesy Indie Reader)

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