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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I've Done Something Dreadful

You won't believe what I've done. Well, you possibly will. I have deleted most of the files for my next batch of authors. Everything gone. I can't believe it. I had everything under, May, June, July etc. and May was deleted no problem, when I deleted, June-the whole bally lot went.

I have some idea of who should be on here, but I have lost all the details; photo's, bio's, the whole lot. What an absolute fool. I could kick myself. Imagine how I felt when I saw the whole lot disappear. All that hard work gone in a split second.

I am so sorry, but I shall do my best to work out who you all were and try and rectify things. That shows you the problems of working on a computer for 16 hours a day - as I have done since returning from my holiday. Lesson learned.

I have no idea what'll happen now, but if any of you reading this are expecting to be showcased this month, leave a comment under here please. I will recognise the names, so no cheating ha ha.

If most don't see this, it means they don't come on the site anyway. Maybe it'll show us something from this. Be interesting, won't it?

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