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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Message from Lorraine

This appeared on the website, but I thought I'd share it with our blog readers as well:

Hi Everyone!

This is a message from Lorraine, passed on by her not so literary gifted sister.

The cruise has exceeded all of her expectations. Having a wonderful time and, when we spoke, she had just spent the day in Barcelona, (I love Barcelona).

She insisted I let you all know what a wonderful time she is having, but the cost of accessing the internet is so extortionate, she’d rather use the money to buy me something !!!! Seriously though, they are cruising all day tomorrow to dock in Portugal on Wednesday. It won’t be long before Lorraine is back on here herself but until then, she’s obviously thinking of you.

Bye for now,



  1. She's a doll. Ann, I mean.

    And Lorraine is just.. well... a sweatheart. Glad she has a great time.

  2. Wish it was me in Portugal! Have fun Lorraine xo