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Saturday, 24 July 2010


As you know, our aim on Authors on Show is to promote as many people as possible wherever we can. There was a deal, that if we showcase you, you advertise us wherever you can in return. Now, lots of you are doing really well at that already and we thank you so much for the excellent job some of you are doing.
Problem is, quite a lot aren’t keeping their end of the deal so on to plan ‘b’. We are starting a promotion campaign. We shall showcase our chosen authors as usual, but as an extra, we shall also pick others at random to promote for a week.
If you send us a link to your blog/website or anywhere your book can be read PLUS, and this is the big part, THREE links to places where you are advertising us, you will be entered into a selection process.
We will dip in and out of these submissions at random. 
If selected for promotion we will check to see if the links advertising us are still active. If we find the links have been taken down or don’t work, your name will be taken off the list. Once you have been promoted, it doesn’t mean you won’t be up again. Those more active than others in promoting us, or just on a continuous basis, will be rewarded with an extra week – again at random.
By doing it this way and choosing a name as a lucky dip, you never know when you might be promoted by us. You will not be informed as that will ensure our authors do not dump books and walk away. They will have to keep coming back and checking to see if they have been chosen.
We intend that our sites are kept active and promoted at all times in order to make sure the visitor numbers keep growing at the speed they are now. The quicker they grow, the more people see you and your work - including agents and publishers.
If you would like your blog/website or link to where your book is able to be read added to our selection list, send the above requirements to:
This is active immediately so get those submissions in.
Remember, the more we all help each other, the more we are all seen.

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