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Friday, 30 July 2010

Readers - Can We Promote YOU

Authors on Show
is a site for writers, as we all know, but it is also a site for readers to come and enjoy seeing some new names before they become published. It is only fair that they too can enter into one of our competitions to thank them for their loyalty and support.

Our promotion is just right for that. We try to showcase as many authors as we can and help to promote them and their books whilst they are on our site (and some afterwards too). In return, we ask that they too promote us as that is how word spreads and benefits us all.

We did say to send us three links, showing where they are promoting Authors on Show. It has been pointed out that not everyone is on three social networking sites. In that case, we shall reduce the number required to one, but it must be active and seen by as many people as possible. The entry address for this is at
There will be one person selected at random each week. In return for supporting us, the one selected will have their own page where we will promote them. This doesn't have to be a book or short story, it could be that you write a blog. If that is the case, we can showcase your blog for you. Show links to it and post an article or two. How about it?

It would be so nice to have people other than just writers showcased. I don't know of any other writers site that does that, but we at AOS, want to thank those who support us in any way we can. So get your skates on and send us those links. Let us know you're a reader in your e-mail won't you?

The promotion is also open to all authors, published or unpublished and to those who have already been showcased by us. The first one will be on the site on Monday and a new one will appear there each week from thereon. We look forward to hearing from you.

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