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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sandy James: How I Got My Agent


Sandy James's first book, Turning Thirty-Twelve
was released in 2009. She has also written
four books in her "Damaged Heroes" series
for BookStrand. See her website for book
ordering and more info.


I’ll admit to having been a typically naïve newbie author. My biggest mistake in searching for an agent was selling myself short. I wanted an agent, but I wasn’t entirely convinced an agent would want me. I targeted newer agents and those who were either on their own or part of small literary agencies. While I had plenty of requests for fulls and partials, I suffered my share of disappointments. Then, much to my surprise, I received an offer of representation.

The axiom that "no agent is better than a bad one" is true. The pairing with my first agent was a year-long exercise in frustration over lack of submissions and extended periods of time when she wouldn’t return my e-mails. In retrospect, that frustration worked in my favor. I had a year to keep improving, and I wasn’t left with a string of rejections as baggage. After a couple of less-than-professional phone calls, I finally asked to be released from my contract, entirely sure I needed to try to fly solo.

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