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Friday, 23 July 2010

Self-Publishing: The Greening of American Authorship - Candice Garrett

The Reclaiming of Individual Perspective
In the world of book writing, self publishing has, until recently always fallen under a keenly scrutinized category. Many people will discredit a self published author as someone who didn’t make the cut: to be published by a bigger book firm. So, for many self published authors it’s been kept as a “dirty little secret.”  But there are several reasons why self publishing is ideal for authors and consumers alike.

When you write a book you lay down a lot of time and a little piece of your soul. When I wrote my book, “Prenatal Yoga; Finding Movement in Fullness,” I was pregnant with my last son. Because I knew I wouldn’t have any more children, I was eager to put voice to that perspective and I was incredibly driven by all my gestational energy. After all I was creating a child, how hard is a book, in comparison? Turns out, pretty stinkin’ hard. It took me a year; half my pregnancy and into the postpartum. I had, however,  always planned on self publishing the finished product.

Candice Garrett

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