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Sunday, 25 July 2010

'The Truth About Whales' Video

Authors on Show Star Author SueAnn Jackson Land has released a video, Preface - The Truth About Whales on the book's Facebook page.

She described this video as, "I'm trying something for people who can't read the book. I'm recording it chapter by chapter. Maybe -- this feels silly and very awkward."

Actually, I've found it quite entertaining and hope SueAnn follows through with her promise to put this video and subsequent creations on YouTube.


  1. Delighted to see one of our authors being so creative. I know others have done the same, but first we are showcasing at the present time. Well done, SueAnn and good luck with it.

  2. Lorraine,

    You are such a heart. We've been tearing apart our living room today and I just stopped to take a break. What a lovely surprise! Yes -- I most certainly will follow up with YouTube and also with a more easily heard version of this. Thanks again --

  3. It's a pleasure to give exposure to those who earned it - and you've done more than that! =)