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Friday, 23 July 2010

Want to Flash ?(No, Not THAT Way!)

Here at AOS, our fearless leader and her minions are always thinking of new ideas to make the site (and blog) more interesting, interactive, and just plain fun. For starters, let’s give a warm welcome to AOS’ newest minion, Sessha, who will be in charge of our brand spanking new Flash Fiction Contest, which begins next week.

The weekly competition will take place here on the blog, with the weekly winner showcased on AOS’ main website.

Prompts will be announced Mondays. Deadline to participate in Flash Fiction is midnight each Wednesday. Entries will be posted on Thursday morning, with voting continuing until midnight the following Tuesday Winner will be announced Wednesday morning.

All Flash Fiction entries may only be up to 1,000 words (no exceptions). Contest entries must be sent attached as a word document via e-mail to:

The above link sometimes shows an error when clicked on. It IS active so please copy and paste in your address section of e-mail

Get those word processors warmed up, and good luck to all the entrants!


  1. Hey Everyone -

    It's great to be here. I'm looking forward to this flash fiction contest - I know you're all capable of some knock-out short fiction and I'm looking forward to trying to pull the best out of all of you ;)

    Prompts will be posted on Monday morning for each week with submission due by midnight Wednesday.

    The best part is that there will be blind polling for the winner each week. So write, get your friends to write and then get everyone you know to come, read, vote and explore the site!

    Looking forward to Monday - it's gong to be fun ;)

  2. Hey! This sounds like fun. I love flashing... I mean, writing flash.

  3. And you are pretty good at it.

  4. Let's hope we get lots of flashers =)