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Friday, 30 July 2010

Well hello children.

July - 29th

I playing my least favorite game. I call this the "be an adult or be terrible" game. It's .50 night @ my local hangout but I'm trying to be a good sport and actually do some stuff. I did manage to get work done on my query as I am constantly re-tooling it in what seems like a vicious cycle. Everyone's opinion on it is different. That's frustrating enough. I've said it a million times, querying is the worst part about being a writer. Writing/editing the book is easy! I waste more time working on a stupid letter trying to get an agent to notice me than I do working my new project.

I'm toying with the idea of posting my query and letting the readers of the site give me feedback on it. I want to know what people I have absolutely no connection to think about where it's at. I think it could be some fun psychology via Query Shark or something.

Aside from that it's business as usual. I make my rounds and am trying to break into the writing vault but so far, it's the continual dead ends I've been experiencing for a while now.

I should have stuck with music.

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