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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The 'Write' and Wrong Way to Promote Your Book

Did you know that if you’re marketing your book to sell books, you may be marketing for all the wrong reasons? Why? Well frankly, marketing a book to make sales will rarely ring the cash register; in fact, most of the time it amounts to what I call the “anti-sale,” the sale that always seems to elude you.
decisions without marketing
If you’re looking at your last 12 months of marketing and wondering what went wrong, ask yourself one question: “What was the driving force behind my book marketing choices?”
In a recent coaching session an author told me: “I spent $30,000 on advertising and I don’t know why I haven’t sold a single book.” Why did the author advertise? Because she thought it would sell books. Now you might think that $30k is extreme, and perhaps it is, but she isn’t the only one. Most of the topics of conversation during coaching calls, consultations or classes I teach are: “I’ve spent all this money and done all this work, what am I doing wrong?” What you’re doing wrong is selling the book and not the message or the benefits. In other words, you’re marketing your books for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. I recently wrote a piece for the Self-publishing Review about writers and marketing ( ). OK, my line's fairly extreme (I argued that marketing is pretty much always the wrong approach), but I stick by the basic principle I made, which is that as writers we have to be in fo rthe long haul not the quick sell - and that means building up a loyal fanbase over the years - one reader at a time.