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Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Cost of Using Social Media As a Soapbox for Indie Artists (or in this case, authors)

Note from L. Anne Carrington: This topic also covers indie musicians, but can also apply to authors. When is it a good time to express our beliefs on social networks, and when is it best to keep quiet? How should we voice/not voice such opinions? The following article from the Lowry Agency's blog offers some insight:

As I peruse the Twitter landscape with the recent elections that happened, I see lots of political talk and some very extreme views being posted by artists that are trying to grow a fan base. These same artists also are always commenting on how they are losing or can’t keep followers. Their numbers barely grow for the important fans they need and the impressions to attract the interest of endorsements and labels.

The problem with politics or religion is that half of the people believe one way and the other half believe the other.  If you as an artist come out with your views and are upset or mad based on the current political climate, you risk alienating part of your current fan base or potential fan base.

David Lowry

Read more (courtesy Lowry Agency Blog)

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