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Friday, 6 August 2010

A Free Copy of "Crossroads" by Gabrielle Faust

A note from Gabrielle Faust about getting a free copy of her poetry work, Crossroads:

Lately I have felt more and more of my creativity being focused towards my poetry. While I make my living as a novelist, poetry has always, at least for me, been an illusive transcendental art form that feels awkward being "sold". Since the rights to my collection CROSSROADS were returned to me in March, I've been struggling with how best to spread the word about it in the new e-book format. On Smashwords I priced it relatively low because I wanted it to be accessible to the world, but also generate enough revenue for me to donate to the Gulf Coast relief organizations I would like to show my support for. However, I still think that poetry should be in essence unshackled by a price tag of any sort. Therefore, I have made the collection free for download for the next three days.

From now until Monday August 9th use code AM73L to download a FREE ebook of CROSSROADS! 

Spread the word! Tell the world! I want to see thousands and thousands of downloads this weekend! That would truly make me the happiest woman alive right now. 

On Monday it will return to the current $2.00 price. However, I've decided that the ENTIRE proceeds from the book will now go to the Gulf Coast rescue as opposed to the previous $.40 from each book. It truly feels good just to say that. :)



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