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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Free Offer from VIP Publishing

From The Wordy Woman

Here's something else to heat you up...but in a good way! You can download the digital edition of 4Ps to Publishing Success, your step-by-step guide through the publishing process for F.R.E.E. right now:

I really mean "right now" because this fabulous opportunity comes
with a deadline: August 15. So, not much more time. Do it now,
before you forget and it's too late.

Learn how to heat up the pages of your manuscript or the path of
readers to your book. It's all in 4Ps to Publishing Success ebook.
You can't beat this F.R.E.E. offer, even at twice the price.

To Your Publishing Success,

Shelley Lieber, The Wordy Woman

Publishing Visionary & Strategist

aka, CEO VIP Authors & VIP Book Publishing

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