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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Is your writing flabby or fit?

Imagine yourself recruiting a long-distance runner to deliver an important message. What kind of person will you choose: a lean, strong athlete with well-toned muscles and powerful lungs, or a podgy, unfit couch potato who will wheeze and pant up the first few hills before collapsing in exhaustion? The answer is obvious. Yet far too many writers send their best ideas out into the world on brittle-boned sentences weighted down with rhetorical flab.

The Writer's Diet will help you energise your writing, boost your verbal fitness levels and strip unnecessary padding from your prose..

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  1. What an incredibly useful tool. I ran the test on a sample of all my works - and unlike my real waist it came back as lean all round.

  2. Wow, just posted a whole 1000 words from my new novel. It said it's fit and trim overall, no changes needed!