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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Like a troll under a bridge

It's been a minute since I've popped my head out. I've been locked up in the process, per usual. Essay's, blogs, re-writes, drinks, you name it, I've been mired in it.
I've got a nice rejection letter from Janklow & associates hanging on my wall. I, for some reason am one of those writers who enjoy their misery of failure and use them to motivate toward success. Hopefully, at some point like L. Anne, I'll know how awesome it feels to have someone actually say YES for once. I queried...uh almost 20 agents and haven't heard from any but one yet. It's been a nice long month of incessant email checking and flipping the top of my cheap mailbox to nothing but coupons to local businesses and junk mail, or the occasional Amazon order.
Yes, I buy books from the evil empire so sue me. They're cheap.

I had some cocktails with a former agent who passed along some insight last night, I hope to remember what he said in as much detail as the Miller lite will allow. Luckily, he's a pro a marked up my query. It didn't look pretty. Lots of red marks.
It's also a strange feeling when you can fall asleep after drinking a red bull or a massive coffee. I guess that means the marathon hours of key pounding is starting to get to you.

Aside from that, I wish I had some kind of news, but sadly I don't. It's just a lot of patience and rejection but it's apart of the dance. Till then, if you wanna help a brother out:

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