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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Live from the Nuthouse

All right, it isn't necessarily the "nuthouse," per se, but ever since receiving a publication offer from Night Reading last week, things seem to start taking off.

There's been all the well wishes via email, Facebook, et al., and yesterday, I had a lengthy conversation with The Lowry Agency's David Lowry about promoting opportunities going beyond "just being an author."

I'm working on some ideas as well as reading over the agency's blogs, trying to put together a solid plan of the best ways Lowry could work with me. Nothing's official yet, but I'm still considering them as an option. Being more than just a writer (though there's nothing wrong with that) does sound rather appealing.

A press release (approved by me prior to posting) came out this afternoon, in addition to a few outlets being privately emailed. Arts & Entertainment Editor Bill O'Driscoll of the Pittsburgh City Paper expressed interest in possibly covering my book when it's released, so I made a note to send along a copy.

In between all of this, my website, MySpace, and Facebook had some makeovers the last day or two, not to mention there's still editing to finish on The Cruiserweight in order to have the book ready for ebook and electronic reader formats and send the final MS over to Night Publishing to get the paperback vehicle started.

If I thought things were nutty right now...wait until the book is released. Hang on; it's going to be an interesting ride!

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