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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mercy me.

Hello cruel world.

It was my birthday last week. I woke up to not one, but two rejection emails. That was a nice moment to make me get back on the grind of the life of the tireless writer. It's hard to stay cheery and positive when you feel like the wind in your sails has been taken out. But, I guess you've gotta stick it out if you honestly believe you're going to make it anywhere in this world.

Earlier, I was on the phone with one of my best friends and we were discussing how much we had put on the line to follow our dreams, to pursue what makes us tick when most of our friends sold out and got straight jobs and let their passions fall to the wayside. I gave up my life and did the New Orleans thing while he left a 70K a year job to apprentice in a tattoo shop for 2 years.

A friend of ours recently moved out...for the first 30....across the street from his parents and grandma. They've locked down 3 of the 4 corners. Upon hearing this, I had a moment of life flash. I didn't know what to say. To me, that's just my friends lame life. But my snarky, reptilian brain that hides past the mammalian brain, told me it's just sad.

I can't relate to that. Life is meant to be grabbed and shaken. To phone it in and be ok with living at half mast is a disservice to your life in general. I worked my tail off for damn near three years on my book seeing the light of day. The query is lights out now and my patience is at an all time high. I know I'll be broken hearted on more than one occasion, but it's apart of the process and most of all, the process of living.

In a small microcosm of the writing universe, we have our little corner here at AOS and by god, for a self loathing bastard like, me it's a damn nice place. There are some great talents here and when I get down on my lack of emails or articles getting published for the week, I remember that if I was a hack, I wouldn't be here. I count my blessings.

Keep your heads above the water and lets hope to make some waves.

Oh, and if you wanna help a brother out:

That'd be great, do it for writing that doesn't make you want to kill yourself because, man, the top ones are just BAD.

Stay sweet universe,


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