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Sunday, 22 August 2010

New Forum- again!

We tried all sorts and I've gone back to the original. It is a way we can communicate with each other and I have put up two thread titles I think you'll like. One is for all of you to promote your books. Published, unpublished, whatever. Put the title and a link so we can all come and see it. If it is for sale, put the title and a link to where it can be bought.

There is also a thread for blogs and websites. If any of you reading this have a site you'd like others to see or follow, as above, put the name of the blog or website and the link to where we can find it. This way, we get to promote even more of you. This is not limited to one. Put up as many as you like. It's your forum, use it to promote yourselves.

I'm afraid you'll have to register (I hope you'll put your photo's up), but this will stop all spam. It is moderated, so I can remove anyone I don't like if they are nasty. All I ask is that everyone uses it for good things please. I know our followers are the best, so I can't see us having a problem there. Hope to see it very busy by morning. Ha ha.

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