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Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Page Coming

Within the next week or two, AOS will be adding a new page to the blog. This will be for those who have books to sell online. As you now know, we showcase six authors a month who are not yet published, together with one guest author who is. There are quite a few people who ask to be promoted on AOS who have books for sale. We cannot showcase them all, so it has been decided to have one page, where we shall display a selection of books for sale with links to where they can be bought. These will be changed on a regular basis and will be chosen at random.

It is hoped that by doing this, we can help promote more authors who are trying to market themselves and be seen We'd like to help as much as we can and will also mention about them on Twitter and Facebook. As with all of our authors, we ask you to promote our site to all your friends too. This is the way for news about all of us to spread far and wide. Word of mouth is very effective if used well. Please help us to help you. Thank you.

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