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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Promotional Kit

Note from L. Anne Carrington:  Though this relates to musicians, authors also need effective promotional kits. David Lowry, who heads the management firm The Lowry Agency, stresses the importance of a good promotional kit in the following blog post. Authors should also take note of this article and adjust their own kits accordingly.

The Promotional Kit

Biography  – Form
  1. Performance Description
  2. Performer Background.
  3. Special Performances
  4. Recordings
  6. Notable Venues
General Information Sheet
A list of information that isn’t necessary to include but can be helpful.  Contains things like places the artist has played by category (festivals, concert halls, clubs, radio and television shows) special workshops or projects and discography or videography.  Keep current at least on a yearly basis.

Read more (courtesy The Lowry Agency blog)

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