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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Publisher Profile: Night Publishing

Many of you who visit the Authors on Show site and blog may have heard about Night Publishing, but perhaps wonder what is this publisher, and how do they operate?

Described as “a revolution in literature,” Night Publishing presents unusual independent books at the rate of 50 to 100 new authors a year. They are not only a strong supporter of Authors on Show and their authors, but Night Publishing is also the business publishing arm of Valley Strategies, Ltd., a business consultancy arm of Mud Valley’s brand marketing community. Click here  for a free membership in the Mud Valley community.

One of their main goals is to publish and promote works geared toward readers who like exciting and challenging books. Night Publishing will be publishing at least 50 'indie' writers during 2010, with more authors scheduled for early 2011. Their motto is, "Good books must be published.”

According to Managing Editor Tim Roux, Night Reading’s business model is, “to get as many authors together as possible all helping each other so that in time we can take on the major publishing houses and redress the balance back towards good writing. As part of this process, we will publish as many good books as we can and let the market decide whether it likes each one or not. It is called 'The 1,000 Turtles' strategy. We publish 1,000 turtles (books). Most of these books will die a horrible death before they make it into the great oceans of The New York Times best sellers list, but some will get there. The success of the few pays for the misfortune to the many, and at least lots of good writers get their books into print even if they don't get rich in the process. Equally, hopefully Night Publishing makes enough money out of the successes to at least keep the process going and cover the cost of the rest.”

How does one get considered for a publishing spot? All it takes is signing up for a free membership on Night Publishing’s sister site, Night Reading, If you are a writer, please load the first chapter of any and all of your books (both unpublished and published books are welcome). If you are a poet, also post your work. Poetry and first chapters of books are to be uploaded in the “blog” area of your page.

If you’re just a reader, you can also participate by reading all posted work and leaving your comments. Twelve books will be selected by readers - one from each monthly poll listing ten books whose first chapters appear on Night Reading‘s site. In addition, Night Publishing’s staff will personally select a few other books/authors each month (as The Cruiserweight was selected).

Twenty-nine authors have been announced so far for publication to late 2010: Bob Ellal, Bruce Essar, Carolyn Allen, Catherine Chisnall, Charlotte Castle, Christine Hall Volkoff, Danny Birch, David Cooke, David Kupisiewicz, Diane Nelson, George Fripley, George Polley, Jillian Brookes-Ward, Jessica Degarmo, Joanne Ellis, John Booth, Kat Ward, KJ Rigby, Kathleen McKenna, LA Dale, Maria Kuroshschepova, Minnette Coleman, Paul Perry, Stacey Danson, Stephen Sangirardi, Steve Jensen, Teresa Geering, Terry Gould and Tim Roux. More names will be forthcoming for late 2010 into early 2011.

For more information on Night Publishing and their current books, visit their website at

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