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Sunday, 8 August 2010

The secret of good editing

What is it that makes an editor good? Many new authors think an editor will take their manuscript and change everything that is wrong with it, or fix all mistakes. Fortunately, it doesn't work this way. An editor should never interfere with the writing. Her/his job is to point out what needs to be amended, added or deleted. The main goal is to get the pace on track, the characters developed, the plot logical and all without changing the author's voice.
Editing means guiding. If done successfully, the author will learn the technique and adapt to it. She or he will learn to write a better manuscript, having the tips and tricks in mind.
There certainly will still be a need for an editor as there are many levels of editing. I'm mainly referring to plot-development here.

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  1. Good post Nicole. It's always good to learn new things about whatever you do in life, whether you are a writer or otherwise. And it never hurts to learn things you don't know or want more knowledge of. Thank you for posting this!

    J. Gunn